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Saturday, December 08, 2007

December means parties at WGM!

As I write, I'm hearing the tune of a familiar Christmas carol waft into the office from a movie playing out in the front room. 2nd West is having a Christmas banquent and we've been subjected yummy smells drifting into our apartment all evening!

It's that time of year when this building is buzzing with activity as halls and classes and campus groups find time to squeeze in an evening of fun and good food before the semester comes to a close.

I can't complain about the plethora of good cooking taking place here as earlier today we were included in a lunch of chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa compliments of our WGM MK contingency from Asbury & IWU (photo, above) that met together here this weekend. Thanks, guys! It was even more fun to hang out with you (but the food was amazing too)!

If you're wanting to reserve the center for a Christmas party before the end of the semester, give us a call quickly as the number of openings on the calendar are dwindling!

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