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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Before this trip I noticed that I would be spending my twenty-sixth birthday in Haiti but by mid week I had completely forgotten about it. I feel God was working in me, teaching me to be humble and to focus on why I was here in the first place. I came to Haiti not for a get away spring break vacation; I came to Haiti to share God’s love and a smile.
Today was a rewarding day of rest. The team and I woke early and after a belly full of biscuits and gravy we were off to the top of the mountain to a breath taking overlook. After the fifteen-mile truck ride, which took two hours due to traffic, because that’s just how it is in Port-au-Prince, we pulled up to like I said a “breath taking overlook.” We enjoyed looking out over Port-au-Prince, pointing out buildings we recognized from afar and thanks to Michael for pointing out where we have been working and staying over the week here.
We packed up and were off to the Baptist Mission Organization compound. There we were able to check out their museum, walk along the street stopping by venders buying gifts and taking it all in, and to put the icing on the cake we were blessed to have yet another break taking overlook, this time for lunch.
The descent from the mountain was nice and relaxing (big thanks to Michael for being such a safe and relaxed driver today and throughout the entire week!!).
We arrived back to the O.M.S. house and enjoyed a dip in the pool while others enjoyed a much-needed nap (myself included).
Supper was and is always a great time of fellowship and story telling while enjoying Haiti’s many different native flavors. The full time missionaries, David and his wife Marylyn, were so thoughtful and arranged a cake and ice cream for my birthday. They sang happy birthday to me and fun was had by everyone. While thanking David I told him about my grandfather and how he served with O.M.S some time ago and sure enough David remembered him. David said that my grandfather was here David’s first time to Haiti and how nice of a man he was. Hearing that made my day and I know my grandparents are smiling in heaven knowing that their grandson is in Haiti.

- Bryce Toole

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bryce. May God continue to bless your days with joy, peace and happiness.

Sheila Satterthwaite
(Ashlee's mom)