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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Start Spreadin’ the News


In nine short hours, our team will be on the first of three airplanes which will eventually fly us into Haiti by Monday afternoon. To prepare, the team has gathered together in such activities as putting shampoo into 3 oz. bottles; playing “Heart and Soul” on piano; and eating chimichangas. All in the name of fellowship, of course. It’s been a somewhat strenuous process, but we are extremely excited nonetheless!


However, packing is not as fun as Abby and Jill make it seem.


The packing process itself includes accounting for several variables: what contingencies should one make in the case of lost luggage? Should I put half of my clothes in someone else’s bag? Will customs stop me if I have a bottle full of Gatorade powder? What books should I bring to read? Where is my sunscreen!?


Tonight, we’ll be sleeping in the WGM student center—the men will be fireside in the basement (being stoked here by Bryce). But tomorrow? We’ll be in Port-au-Prince, Haiti! Please continue to pray for us, and we’ll try our best to keep you updated!

Zack for the team


Michael said...

Have a great trip! I remember going last year and I wish I was going with you all.
- Michael

nwaggoner said...

Thanks Michael! Wish you were with us as well!

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning to everyone, and that special "Cranor" family! Praying for all of you! Love, Kathy, Heidi and the Cranor Critters :)