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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuck in Dallas...

Well we left Port-au-Prince yesterday the 19th of March nice and early in the morning. We all were sad to leave the new friends that were made but on the other hand we were looking forward to seeing friends and family back home and sharing our many stories that had added up throughout the week. The flight from Haiti to Florida was nice, customs wasn't that bad. The flight from Florida to Texas wasn't that bad either. But then...things got ugly. As we were shuttling from one terminal to the next it was obvious that there was a mean storm ah brewing outside. We assumed it would blow over before our flight and all would be good but that was not the case. Our flight was delayed time after time, and our confidence dwindled and eventually hit rock bottom. The flight ended up getting canceled and we had to go back to the main ticket desk and get new boarding passes. We didn't know what was going to happen but after circling up and saying a prayer our nerves calmed. We called the airline 1-800 number and got great news!! Our party had already been rebooked but not until the following day at 8pm. So as you have probably figured, we have been camping out at gate D6. Time has been spent laughing, playing cards, and taking turns trying to get some shut-eye on the complimentary cots. T-minus five hours till we board. Arriving at LEX has never sounded so good!!

-Bryce Toole & Maria Cranor

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