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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here's where some of your gifts went!

Before Nathan and I headed to Albania to pick up Ellie, many of you showered us with gifts for the kiddos remaining behind in her orphanage. From the 3+ weeks we spent visiting Ellie, we know how sorely they needed the gifts you gave! While protocol required us to give the items to the orphanage director on the day we took custody of Ellie, we did manage to sneak a few toys in for her roommates. Sorry for the delay in reporting on this event in which you were such generous benefactors. See the photos below!
Here we are unloading the goodies y'all donated to the orphanage!
Olsi didn't know what to think of the "ribet-ing" frog!

We thought Matilda would benefit most from the teething ring since she had done a good job chewing up her crib rail...

Here's Xhemmi (like "Jimmy") with a stuffed bear from Shannon

Ermali didn't know what to think of the ruckus. I think his teething discomfort kept him pretty quiet that day!

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