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Friday, January 26, 2007

This Sunday at Global Cafe` & other stuff at the center this weekend...

We've just come off of missions conference at Asbury this week! What a great week of messages from Dr. White! If God touched your heart in a special way for missions, you won't want to miss this Sunday's Global Cafe`. Kevin Zirkle will share about the country of Japan, a place where he and his family have invested their lives to share the hope and love of Jesus. Did you know that less than 1% of Japanese individuals call themselves Christians? Click here to view learn more about the need for men and women to invest their lives (like the Zirkles have done) to grow the Kingdom in Japan.

In other news:
  • the upper level lounge TV is STILL in the shop! We're so sorry! Especially as the cold winter temps are keeping us all indoors!
  • We're excited to have the Consecrated Class in the lower level tonight and the swim team in the upper level this evening!
  • we have room for 2 more men and 3 more women for next week's missions ski retreat! Contact us at the center if you want to come. It's only $70 for skiing (including ski rentals) AND an overnight stay at a hotel. It would cost you $70 for skiing alone if you went by yourself.

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