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Friday, July 02, 2010

Face Prayers

So up to our arrival in Hungary, we have been praying and preparing by specifically thinking about the missionaries, translators, and English Campers. We received pictures of the Searl family as well as Tibi, Jolayne, and Emma, but sometimes pictures aren't enough to see the true face of Jesus. Experiencing people face to face makes pictures inadequate. Our time yesterday with most of the team, American and Hungarian, was spent in Budapest. What a blessing to get to bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ, even sharing the common experience of touring Budapest and surviving the heat together. Today, we meet nearly every member of our team, increasingly Hungarian. I just need to mention that our team is incomplete without our wonderful translators. We got to learn names, share stories, meals, and even a card game and World Cup game. May the Lord continue to bind us together with love! The only people that we have yet to meet is our campers. However, I can say that our prayers have not been in vain, rather they have been met with the heart of Jesus. I and those of our Asbury team have been given the blessing of putting beautiful faces and wonderful personalities to our prayers before this trip. We now see Jesus' face within the workers whom he has chosen to be here, and it has made evident the presence of the Lord in this place. The only real task that remains now, to carry out this mission, is to obey the voice of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

The body of Christ is most beautiful as it works together bringing people to Him! May the Holy Spirit lead you as you serve and obey His voice.

Anonymous said...

The body of Christ is truly beautiful as it works together to bring people to Him. May the Holy Spirit fill and empower each of you to love and serve faithfully.