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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Building Memories while Building Homes

Day… 3

Tomorrow, our two groups switch worksites. This is great for a number of reasons, but also kind of hard for others. Great because we will be able to experience the stories we were told by the other group during debriefing… We will get a taste of another part of Port Au Prince… We will be able to meet other interesting people as well. It will be hard because we may not have a chance to see those people that we met during our first two days again. We’ll have pictures and memories but we may never get to see them in person.. They have left a very positive imprint on our memories and we hope we left the same for them.


Its awesome whenever we meet someone who knows Jesus here. We made a friend named Renoud. He read us scripture in Creole and translated into English as he went along. Without fail, If one of us asked him to do something or come hang out he would say in a very ‘chill’ voice, “I got no problem…” What if we all had that attitude. We read a scripture that tells us to do something we aren’t comfortable with…. “I got no problem.” We have strenuous week of tests and assignments… “I got no problem.” We lose our home in a natural disaster… “I got no problem.”



-Bryce Ury

P.S.   You learn things on mission trips… For instance… One does not simply push a wheelbarrow full of cement blocks across a makeshift bridge over a “stream” (you’ll understand the quotation marks when you see the picture below) without almost spilling your heavy cargo  all over a giant hog while it eats garbage. These things take practice…  wednesday-2        


We finished construction on the house this morning and were blessed to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Madam Hortense, the new homeowner, wanted to express her gratitude to us so she invited the build team into her new home for worship and a meal.  We were served ice cold drinks and egg sandwiches (all 25 of us), which was a huge undertaking for her and a great blessing to us.  Smiles were shared and prayers were prayed over the house.  We laughed, we cried, we ate some egg, what more could you ask for in a ribbon cutting ceremony?


After the ceremony we drove five miles to visit three houses built by the OMS Homes for Haiti project and visited with the families that live there now.  We spent time playing with the children and talking to the parents.  The kids really loved the toys and snacks we gave them, and everyone (adults included) had a blast playing soccer with a tennis ball.  It was such a blessing to see how much impact one home can have on so many people.


We got back to the compound early so we had time for a rewarding dip in the pool before supper (which was a great meal, as always).  After supper we walked across the street to a kids club so that we could visit with more kids and pass out some t-shirts. 


-Bryce Toole, Beka Mech, & James Nix


Courtney said...

Please have Zack call his dad as soon as possible. It's an emergency. I'm trying to find a number to reach you guys down there but in case you see this sooner, please have Zack call.

Anonymous said...

My daughter Ashlee can receive text messages so I texted her and asked her to tell Zack to call his dad. I am not sure if she has her phone with her during the day but I know she will check it when they return to the compound. Praying for you and your family

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brewer, you and your family are in our prayers. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.