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Monday, August 28, 2006

August 27 Global Cafe`

Last night the Asbury Hungary team had a chance to report on their experiences this summer helping facilitate English Camp! It was great to have everyone from the team back together again, albeit briefly! Aidan made a special trip up from North Carolina which we really appreciated and we're looking forward to having dinner tomorrow night altogether for a final time of "debrief."
Overall, Global Cafe was a big success. The testimonies were uplifting, the time of prayer was moving, and Teresa gave us a sample of Hungarian cuisine with cherry soup (from mix toted all the way back from Budapest to KY in our suitcases)! We had lots of new faces (great to have you Unashamed Class members, we hope to see more of you)! And lots of folks stayed late to hang around and visit. If you missed the program, you may view a slideshow of photos from the trip by following this link here.

It also felt like old home week with special friends Joanna, Miriam, Anna and Brandon making surprise appearances -- we love having alumni back too! We are so blessed by you all. Hope to see you again next week!

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