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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Last night the "Asbury Hungary 06" team went out to supper! It was the first time we've been together -- just us-- since landing at the Bluegrass Airport on July 6. It was so much fun laughing over some of the funnier moments of our shared experiences (like who knew that Ricky and Nathan would own the exact same set of boxers? and that they wouldn't learn this until AFTER laundry day when it was too late to label them?) . We enjoyed catching each other up on our correspondance with some of the new friends we made and left in Hungary and even sharing stories about things that transpired during the trip that others of us hadn't heard yet! Before finishing up we also took the opportunity to reflect on what the Lord taught us individually. With the benefit of the passage of time, we could better put some of these thoughts, feelings & lessons in perspective. It wasn't always easy to articulate, but a good exercise nevertheless.

When it was all over, I felt a tinge of sadness as I always do at the conclusion of our work with a team (I'm a sentimental sap). Who knows if or when we'll all ever be together again? After preparing together for months and months to help facilitate English Camp, it's all over in a matter of days. But when it's all over, what we do take away are some incredible memories and priceless friendships. Which is why evenings like last night are so special.

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Anonymous said...

love your hungery piture of the team hannah