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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Collegian articles, Honduras, bacon grease, and GC plug

I FINALLY got my hands on a Collegian this afternoon and want to thank Ms. Carlisle for a great article! (For those of you who haven't seen it yet, there's an article about the WGM Student Center in the "Life" section of the school paper). She touched on pretty much everything significant and then some! We really appreciate the exposure and hope that the Collegian's readers find it helpful.

Another Collegian article worth mentioning is Shannon Elder's write-up about the Kingdom Business team's trip to Honduras through WGM in May. This was the Business Department's 2nd trip to Honduras under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Gray, department chair and also member of WGM's Board of Directors. If you're a business major (or minor) that's never been on one of these teams, please consider going next year! It's an exciting way to see how God can use your education and skills in making the difference in the lives of some people in need, all the while building up His church in Honduras.

On another vein, if you're reading this from outside of Wilmore, it's been raining a LOT here. One of my good friends, Jan, e-mailed me from DC to say she saw us (Central KY) on the weather channel. When the weather's yukky, the center is busier. If you are reading this from campus and decide to come over, you may detect a hint of bacon grease in the air. That's because we hosted the Kentucky Chapter of Men With Vision Friday night & Saturday morning. They may be a bunch of guys (interested in missions), but they know how to cook! Unfortunately, it's too humid for us to prop some doors open and air the place out. :-) Hopefully it won't linger too much longer.

Before I close, I want to encourage you to come to Global Cafe` tomorrow night! We will have a doctor to AIDS patients in Kenya sharing here. Dr. Philip Renfroe will surely leave you with something to think about! Hope to see you here Sunday at 6!
guten abend! cnw

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