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Monday, September 18, 2006

Zach Motts (Japan) @ G.C. (9/17/06)

If you missed last night, you missed a good Global Cafe`! Zach did an awesome job sharing about the needs in Japan, while sharing his own personal story of his call to invest his life there. I'll let you know when the audio is posted online. Meanwhile, there's a few picts below. Click here for the slideshow.

A little editorial explanation for those of you who weren't here for Zach's great bean demonstration. Typically performed for Sunday school kids, he graciously shared it with us too. Hey, we remember that kind of stuff, don't we? The light-colored beans represent those who claim to be Christians, the dark-colored beans represent those who do not claim Christianity. The pile on the left represents the U.S., the pile on the right represents Japan (see photo below).

Luke & Teresa at the coffee bar

The infamous piles of beans. Now to further underscore how few Christians live in Japan, consider that 2/3 of those "white beans" in the right-hand pile that claim the title "Christian" are actually cults...

a few of us praying for Zach at the end of his message...

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