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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IMPACT returns!

I was under the weather on Saturday morning and I didn't get to thank these lovely folks in person so I'm taking the opportunity here to thank them publicly for their service! As you may note in earlier postings, we had a crew of freshmen and TAG leaders come help us in the weather treating of the student center deck. Shortly after they left we got a hard rain which washed away a good bit of what they did! We were grateful for these guys who came over the weekend to make sure we got everything protected before the fall hits!

Watch a brief slideshow here... (Thanks, Elicia, for filling in as photographer!)

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Anonymous said...

Cydil, do you remember which campground we used for the cabinet retreat back in '99? I want to take my small group camping at the gorge but am not really sure where the best spot is.

Sarah (Bond) Wyche