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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Learn about Japan...

This Sunday we're going to be hosting Asbury grad, Zach Motts ('05) who is headed to Japan as a missionary with WGM. In preparation for his visit I've been studying up on the challenges facing missionaries in Japan so we can better support and pray for Zach as well as communicate those issues to those who come here Sunday night!

This morning I assembled some of that information in the form of slides accompanied by some great photos by our friend and WGM colleague, Bob Bushong. I was super excited because I just got these photos yesterday from Zach! I particularly liked this image of this young mother with her child. After reading the sobering statistics on the few numbers of Christians living in Japan and the even fewer numbers of pastors and missionaries, one has to wonder if this young woman and her little boy will ever hear about Jesus?

Click here to view the slideshow of images and information...

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