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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Greetings from Peru!
I hope this finds you all well! We are doing well and are excited to see how God is going to work at the youth camp! I believe the last blog we posted we had just arrived in Cusco, so much has happened since then! Tuesday afternoon we went on a trolley ride around the city of Cusco and we able to see many of the amazing historical sites and take lots of pictures. That night Eduardo and Maritza, the couple who founded the church here in Cusco., came over for supper and shared there passion and testimony with us. It was great to hear how God has been so faithful to them and we are all excited to be working with them. We went to bed fairly early that night so we could get up around 5 in the morning to get ready to go to Machupicchu. Some of us got up around 4:30 to take showers only to find that there was NO WATER! So needless to say a couple of us were feeling pretty grungy since we hadn’t showered for 2 days.: ) We also got to meet the team from Bolivia that morning. It has been amazing to see how 3 different peoples and cultures are coming together to serve the Lord. We all arrived at the train station very early and then had a 4 hour long train ride to Machupicchu. The country side was beautiful, but Machupicchu was just inspiring! We spent all afternoon hiking all over the Incan ruins in the rain and taking pictures. However, most of us found the Andes Mountains surrounding Machupicchu even more breathtaking and inspiring. We left late afternoon for another 4 hour train ride back to Cusco. We arrived pretty late and ate supper. We had a quick meeting about camp and then hit the sack for a busy day. The camp starts today, Thursday, and we are just so excited to see how God will work in the lives of the Peruvian youth. Satan has attacked us from every side but we have not been discouraged, and we are willing and ready to serve. We will arrive early afternoon and jump into camp. We have 2 teaching sessions, as well as devotions that we will be sharing. All of us on the teams will also be split up on the teams for the camp which will be a great way to get to know many of the youth. The camp ends Saturday so this is the last post for a while, sorry it is so long! Well I need to run and eat breakfast before we head out for camp. Thanks so much for your support and prayers. Please continue to lift us up in prayer that we can shine HIS light at camp, that God´s power can been seen at camp, and lives can be changed.

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