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Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday morning in Lima

Thank you for all of your prayers for our travels over the last few days. The team is slowly rousing from a great night's sleep and we are getting ready to enjoy some local breads for breakfast.

Elicia and Veronica have already begun to shine in their translation skills. We needed both of their skills last night as we were trying to get our luggage and figure out the ticket issues for getting to Cusco. Apparently, when Delta re-routed us on Sunday's flight to Lima, they neglected to (or were unable to) get our Lima to Cusco tickets moved one day as well. Because we are arriving in country during Holy Week, there is a lot of in-country tourism going on and all 8 flights today to Cusco were totally full. We were given the option of the 5AM flight tomorrow or getting on a standby list and hoping that we could go one or two at a time today. We are pretty sick of airports right now and the thought of another entire day spent in one without the guarantee of a flight didn't sound great, so we are going to re-locate our place of preparation to the South American Mission (SAM) guesthouse here in Lima. If we have some good progress, we will probably spend a little time in the city as well today.

Pray for us as we prepare. Our main task today is to finalize our team's one hour lesson for camp. The main issue we should present. What would you share if you only had one hour to present it to 50 youth and wanted to make an impact for Christ? (Not to mention that we really only have 30 minutes when you take translation into account) Pray for God's guidance in this!
We will have internet access for the next 24 hours, so feel free to e-mail us because we will be able to check today.

Thanks for your partnership with us in Peru!

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