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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A few pictures from Friday

3 AM - These smiles seem a little forced, but the excitement was real.
5:30 AM - More Awake, ticketed and ready to go.
12:30 PM - Arriving in Honduras! (Yes, we are 'glistening,' it was over 90 degrees when we landed)

The heat was a perfect excuse for ice cream!
We had a change to observe the countryside from the truck. (F150 if anyone is interested) Sorry I didn't take more of the beautiful scenery!

Our next round of pictures will be from the farm. We will be taking a quick tour this morning before getting to work!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures.
I am very proud of you for serving Jesus in Honduras. I will pray for you and think of you a lot!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading all the posts and especially all the great pictures. love, Betty Miller