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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hammers and Chisels and Saws..Oh My!

Yesterday, was another great day and our second work day. We are happy to say that the trench is now ready for us to begin installing the pipes and drains! It took a lot of sawing, hammering, pounding, chiseling, digging, cleaning, and muscle power to finally get the remaining grout and several inches of cement out of the trench, but thankfully we are ready to begin the next step today. We are very thankful for all the hard work of the Hondurans that are helping us with the project. Adrienne and I finished two more batches of homemade bricks, so we should have enough by now. We are pleasantly surprised at how much we have finished so far and our goal is to be completely done by dinner tonight. Please pray that this goal can become a reality.
Last night they had a special worship service in the Chapel here on campus. Normally the service is every Wednesday night but it was a day early because of a special group that is here until this afternoon. The service was really good. Several of the students at the Bible School here put on a shadow screen drama. They did an absolutely amazing job and the message of the drama was very powerful. It was the story of what many of the boys here have lived - being raised by a single mom with nothing to eat, but once they come to El Sembrador, it gives them the opportunity to have a better life, based on a Christian foundation. Please pray that God continues to work in their lives. The end of the service they gathered around the group that is here and prayed for them.
After the service, Adrienne and I had the opportunity to help one of the boys with his homework and talk with a few others. Thankfully, Spanish is improving for both of us - in understanding what they are saying and being able to speak it ourselves. They are patient with us and I think, are thankful that we are trying.
As long as the internet stays up, hopefully we can get some more pictures posted today. Well, it's time to work so may each of you have a great day and stay tuned for more.
God Bless,
Heidi, on behalf of the team :-)

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