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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sabbath and Work Day #1

Yesterday (Sunday) we had the opportunity to attend church in Catacamas, the nearby city. We arrived a few minutes early and it was fun to watch everyone filter in and fill up the good sized sanctuary. The praise team up front led worship for about an hour. Thankfully they had projectors on both sides of the stage area so we were able to somewhat sing along. Their worship is very free and relaxed but full of thanksgiving to our Lord. It was really cool to praise God continuously for that long.
After the time of singing, we saw three babies get dedicated to God. They were so adorable! After the dedications, the pastor gave the sermon, which lasted about 45 minutes. He preached from several different passages but mainly from Romans 12:1-2 and transformation through Christ.
We returned to the El Sembrador campus and after lunch our team took a restful 1 1/2 nap ~ this was much enjoyed after traveling, touring, and getting used to a new language the past couple of days.
At 2:00 we gathered at the softball field and played a fun game. (Just for the record the score was 22 to 13 and Nathan and Heidi's team beat Mark and Adrienne's team). It was a great time of fellowship and fun playing softball. Having such a small team has been kind of nice because we have gotten to interact with the boys a lot.
After dinner we went over to the Gouge's house, a missionary family that is here for a year. What a blessing to hear their story and how God has led them here! Please be praying for them as they continue to listen for where God is leading after their year is up. Also, they are going to have another baby so please pray that everyone stays healthy! We also began plans for a special event for the boys on Friday night right before we leave early Saturday morning for the Tegucigalpa guest house.

Today (Monday), was our first work day. Our task this week is to install a drain in the patio at the Conference Center. When it rains, all the water pools in the middle of the patio and can't drain out and off the back. This is a problem because it stays there and molds in the hot sun. We are cutting out the middle row of stone bricks to install a pipe that will carry the water out the back. It's a little slow going but thankfully we were able to accomplish much more than we had originally thought today.
Adrienne and I also had a new opportunity today ~ we learned how to make the new bricks that we will lay over the pipe later this week! It's a little bit of a process but it's fun to learn.
After lunch we took a small break and toured the school building. Christian, the El Sembrador director, led us through and shared his passion for the boys' education and vision for the school. Please be in prayer for the school as a whole and that they can continue to improve their educational programs and have enough funding to do so. His heart for the boys and that they can be their very best is evident! His enthusiasm is encouraging and inspiring.
After we finished some more work on the patio and new bricks, my dad and I got to see some of the boys finish slaughtering one of the cows on the farm ("pobre vaca" ~ poor cow, a quote from one of the boys).
After a long day of work, our muscles are tired but in a very good way. Dinner is about ready so I best be going but thank you for your continued prayers! I think we have all really enjoyed our time so far and are excited for the remainder of the week. More pictures will be coming in the morning so stay tuned!

God Bless,
Heidi :-)

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