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Friday, March 12, 2010

Safely at El Sembrador

Hey guys,
So we left this morning at 3am to Cinncinatti and hopped a flight to Houston around 6:40. :) After a breif wait in Houston, we left for Tegucigalpa at 9:15 (central) and arrived here around 12:25. :) The flights went well. We were able to be near the windows for the spectacular views across the country. Our landing in Tegucigalpa was a little rough but went very well considering the extremely short landing strip :) We hit the ground and immediately we felt the brakes get slammed, lol. :) It was a good time.
We then proceeded to stand in line at immigration and fly through customs; finally, leaving the airport about 1:30 with our missionary host Jerry Murphy and all of our luggage. :)
As we left Teguc, we just stared out the windows trying to take in all of the sites and trying as much as possible to get a glimpse of understanding of the people that we would meet here (well, at least this was what I was doing, lol). We stopped at a gas station and soon discovered that they were actually out of gas. So we bought our drinks and snacks (Yuquita and Plantain chips, yum!) and left to find another station before finishing our 3 hourish drive to El Sembrador.
We stopped again around 3:30 at an old rest stop and met with some missionary volunteers that were just heading back from El Sembrador, had some ice cream and then we finished the length of our journey.
Traveling down winding, concrete, gravel, half-paved, no lined roads, we reached El Sembrador in Catacamas in time for dinner! :) They put us up in some very nice hotel style rooms in the confrence center and are even letting us sleep in until breakfast at 7:30! :) Woot!
Well, right now we are in the process of cleaning the kitchen and then it's off to debrief and settle in for the week/night. :)
Pictures will hopefully be coming in the next post! :) Thanks for all of your prayers!

-Adrienne - on behalf of the team :)

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