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Friday, March 18, 2011

Back on-line...sort of.

Well, its Ben again, and I’m writing the blog again!

I’m actually writing for Thursday and Friday because we have been without Internet for 2 days now! We forget how much of a luxury it really is to have immediate access to the World Wide Web.

Thursday was a very, very active day! In one day’s time we accomplished almost as much as we had all week. We were really working in rhythm with each other. We worked really quickly and actually ran out of supplies. We decided, and were determined to finish the roof!!! There was one section that proved to be very difficult. The front left corner of the house was within two feet of a steep cliff preventing the use of a ladder from the ground. So we built a ladder off of the peak of the house connecting to another wooden ladder coming out from within the house. I was volunteered to go out on top of the roof to screw the tin in. Looking over the edge and stretching to reach some of the screw points was crazy, but I loved it! We had to call ahead for more supplies because of our rapid work and when they arrived, were on the clock. We had quite the assembly line going and managed to get each section of tin up in around 5 minutes. We finished getting all the tin up on the roof and really enjoyed each other’s company! It was very exciting to know that we got the entire roof up before leaving Haiti!

Yesterday was an exhausting day, and I know I’m still recovering a bit from it all. The non-Asbury group left at 4:30 this morning so we were on our own today. Today we put some finishing touches on the roof and had to haul the remaining wood and cinderblocks down the steep hill. We took one of our wooden ladders and laid a 2x6 over and proceeded to slide the cinder blocks down the hill, which made fast, and much easier work of our task!!

Having finished our work, we got back to the guesthouse early today and enjoy some much-needed time in the pool. I enjoyed jumping in the air attempting to catch the football and just relaxing at the side of the pool. We were all worn out by dinner.

As if we weren’t tired enough, we were invited to plays soccer, or futbol as they call it, with a group of kids tonight. They beat us 9 to 4, without breaking a sweat, and obviously taking it easy on us.

 This happened way to often.

 But, they didn't think this method of goal keeping was fair. :-)

Ben thought we could have an advantage if we played a man up.

By now I am truly exhausted and I think that applies to the rest of the group! We are enjoying our remaining time together! This trip has been such an amazing experience!

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Meredith Westrick said...

These pictures warm my heart! Makes me miss Haiti a lot! I know they loved having you all there! Thanks for sharing pictures from your trip!