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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting ready to head home.

Note: In the midst of packing, we didn't upload any pictures tonight.  Sorry!  We will upload some tomorrow if we can find wi-fi in the airports.

Hey everyone, this is Chris Wylie writing again for the team.

Today was our last day in Haiti.  After a long week of work and a day spent as tourists yesterday, it was nice to have a day of relaxation before leaving early tomorrow morning.  Today we came together a few times to debrief for our entire trip and share what we have experienced personally with each other.  I found this to be very helpful in the early stages of mentally and emotionally unpacking everything that I’ve seen and experienced in the past ten days.  It was very interesting to hear what everyone else in the group has taken away from this trip as well.  I feel as though the team has really come together over the course of the last week.

After a day spent napping, sharing thoughts, and fixing wireless networks, the team went across the street once again to spend time with the children of the New Hope Club.  We spent the first fifteen minutes or so watching Carly speak to the kids, and it was amazing to me to see how well he keeps their attention and connects with them.  Nathan, Maria and I then performed a short skit for the kids before distributing snacks and spending some time playing.  Before leaving, we bought cards and kites that the kids had made.  Sarah explained to us that they have taught the kids to make crafts that they can sell to tourists instead of resorting to begging, and we were all very happy to purchase from them.

Today has definitely been a great way to close out our trip.  I greatly appreciate having time to rest and relax, share with one another in great detail, and play with the kids across the street one last time.  Without a doubt, this week has been a life changing experience for us all and I’m sure we’re all excited to return.

God bless everyone at home

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