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Friday, March 11, 2011

We're here!

We are safely in Haiti and are settling in to the guest house.  Unfortunately, four of our five bags didn't join us on the journey!  We saw them deplane at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, and we had a three hour layover in Florida departing from the same gate we arrived.  We are really not sure how American Airlines could lose our bags under these conditions, but they were somehow successful at it.

There are more thoughts that can be expressed at what we have already seen.  Everything is somewhat overwhelming, and we simply drove through town to get to the comfortable guest house.  What we were able to capture through dirty windows was limited and doesn't capture the experience well, but hopefully it can give you a taste.  Not included are pictures of the thousands of tents in 'tent city' after 'tent city' which hammered home some of the scope of the devastation. We have been praying for the situation in Japan as well.

Tomorrow we will be seeing the work site, and we will try to finish the trusses on the house, so that we can start installing the roof on Monday. We are hopeful our luggage shows up tomorrow as promised, but we have a peace about it either way.

Tomorrow night I will be handing off the responsibility for writing the blog to one of the team members, so you can hear straight from them.

Thanks for your prayers!  We are heading to bed!

Nathan for the team

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