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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Update

Well, my name is Michael Haddock and I am updating the blog tonight.

Editors note: There are not many pictures of Michael in this post because he was the one behind the camera.  I will try to remedy that tomorrow.

We started the day off with biscuits and egg gravy, which was pretty good.  We stopped at the Radio station to pick up some things and arrange for lunch at the station before we went to the work site, and learned that the Director of the station wouldn’t be there at all this week, so there will not be anyone to possibly work with there who speaks English enough for me to help them with technical problems as we had hoped.  While we were at the station before work and for lunch we were able to spend some time playing with the children who were at the school which is connected to the station.  Jonathan, the local contractor we are working with, has kids at the school, so we got to meet them and had lots of fun playing with them.

Lunch at the station was an authentic Haitian meal which included rice, beans, a chicken leg, and other things that I didn’t really know what it was, but it was good.  Also, Ben’s bag came in today, so everyone now has their clothing. J

Traffic was really bad again today, and it took us about an hour and a half to go about 6 miles to get back to the station for lunch from the site.  We think it might have been something to do with construction since we saw that there was a crew putting up telephone poles and taking up half the road.

Back at the OMS Guest House we met some street vendors at the gate and I was able to get a fully brimmed hat that will help keep the sun off my neck since that was getting pretty crispy yesterday.  Then we cooled off in the pool and had dinner.

Tomorrow is a full day at the worksite.  We are making good progress on the roof.


Lori said...

Ben's mom is really glad he finally got his bag. She was afraid to think what all he had packed in it...

I enjoy the pictures of you all with the Haitian children. Language may be a barrier but kindness and love is a universal language. Blessings to all.

Lori and Steve McElroy

Carl and Lois said...

Hello from Ohio! Wonderful to hear that your bag came today, Ben! I bet you thought you would never see it again!

The pictures show the progress you are making! Pretty hot up there in a tin roof under the Haitian sun, right?

Remember we are lifting each of you to the Lord.

Bye for now!