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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fotos de Ayer

Hello all,

This is actually Elisa doing the updating today, and I've great news - pictures from our first work day! So here we go.This is the giant hole where the pool would go. Digging with the paid workers are Tomas, Lucas, and Esteban. The man bending over in the white hat some of the guys called "Teddy". I don't really know the whole story here, but apparently he was supernaturally strong.These are some of the kids Elizabeth was able to observe during a break in the construction work at AMAD.Chachi and Elizabeth also really enjoyed their time observing the children.This was definitely a favorite memory of the day. Lucas was able to laugh as well, once he got the feeling back in his ears :)
Yep, you guessed it! The twins dressed very similarly for the 2nd day in a row without meaning to. Joel's accessorizing gave him a little differentiation, but got him more teasing from the group.

Finally, by the end of the day, we were able to lower the pool into the pit! It was not as easy as you might think - it took the gys 3 times to fit the pool into the hole. If you can see, that's me up on the ladder getting a bird's eye view.

Well, I'm signing off here - got to deliver lunch to the team after spending the morning filming an interview with Rosa, the director of AMAD. This video is coming together really nicely so far.


Carl and Lois said...


Each day we look forward to the update of your activities. We pray God is keeping you well and healthy as you bless the children with your love and attention.

Mom and Dad/Carl and Lois Waggoner

Kay said...

Hey Eric Mendez... What a wonderful legacy you are leaving... Plant the Seeds...and learn a lot. I pray you are doing well and as always.. Your Aunt Kay LOVES you...