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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday at AMAD

Today was another productive day at AMAD. Our work project is going well and is keeping us sore! Several guys were complaining this eveing about their newly discovered "shovel muscle." We also were able to spend some more time with the kids. I thought today I would picture some of them for you!
This little boy broke into huge smiles when seeing himself on the back of my camera!

I love Tigger's message on this young man's T-shirt. "The One and Only!" How unique and special are each of these students.

This young man was learning how to swallow. He is clapping for his ability to keep the last bite of yogurt down.

This boy was very curious about the camera and loved every time the flash went off.

The lesson of the day for this young lady was to differentiate an apple from an orange, and plastic versions from their real ones.

The staff at AMAD are doing some amazing work in the current facility, but our project is helping to improve it. Below are some worksite pictures.

With the precision of doctors, Steve and Isaac mark the metal used to make the ceiling grid.

Isaac proved himself capable with the grinder and many pieces of grid were completed today.

Lucas did the smart thing to block out some of the noise of the grinder.

A second coat was painted on the walls and speckled on the painters.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them up! God is answering them in ways we can't wait to share with you when we get home!

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Carl and Lois said...

Hello Team,

We look forward to each new posting on the blog. Be assured of our prayers for you as you share your time and love with the children.

Carl and Lois Waggoner
Nathan's Mom and Dad