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Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick report

Hello friends and family,

Today was a great day! My camera alone, we took 399 pictures! The irony of that is we pushed so much into today, that I will have to wait until tomorrow to post any of them. :-(

We met the staff and students at AMAD today and were moved by the school and its mission to the disabled. It gave us a renewed vision ourselves for why we were here. The work project ran into some snags throughout the day, but that just meant we had more time to interact with the kids which was great!

It is approaching 1 AM here and we have another early morning, so there will be more details tomorrow. You can pray that our work project will move ahead while we still remember that the people are the real reason we are here. You can also pray for our video project as several important interviews will be happening throughout the day. We are one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so you can place us in time as you pray as well. I hope that all made sense! I need to head to bed.

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