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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday Report

I wanted to get some pictures up from yesterday for you to see. When planning this trip to Mendoza, we looked for a way to reach out and show Christ's love in a tangible way to the family of the kids in AMAD. We decided to provide a free family portrait session for the families. Because of the multiple disabilities of most of the kids, going to a photographer for a portrait session would be difficult if not impossible, but since we were able to bring a "portrait studio" to them we hoped several families would be able to take advantage of it.

We set up in the largest indoor space available (a section of a hallway) not knowing how many or how few would take us up on our offer. Soon they started to trickle in. When the workers started to see the pictures on the back of the camera, they started organizing "class photos" for each of the separate groups in AMAD. We were only sometimes successful in getting the 3-4 students at a time and their teacher looking at the camera at the same time, but we had fun trying! By the end of the day, we had Below are a very few of the final products!

We ended the day with a farewell dinner of incredible chicken and veggies! There was tears and laughter as we shared together with the staff at AMAD. They presented us with a special poster that had the hand prints of several of the children on it with a message of thanks. We will cherish the memories of AMAD forever!

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