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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday in Mendoza

Today after a hearing from the Archers about their time in Argentina, we spent today discovering a little of the city of Mendoza. We had an amazing steak dinner at Don Mario.

Vince is holding part of one serving of steak. It was nearly as thick as it was wide, and it was delicious! The 16 of us ordered 12 servings and had enough steak left over for steak sandwiches this evening for supper!

The desserts were impressive too!

After lunch, we walked off some of our meal downtown with a visit to the main plaza. It was pretty quiet because we were there during siesta, but it was a good chance to get another team picture.

In the park we also ran into an interesting man who rode his bicycle around with his chicken and duck getting suckers like us to pay him for pictures of the anomaly. He claimed that he had been doing it for 5 years with this current pair, but that he was training some younger birds to take their place someday. I probably wouldn't have believed him if I didn't see this duo lean into each turn with the bicycle as they rode off.

We also spent some of the day making fun of Joel and Eric for dressing so much alike and not even noticing it until it was pointed out to them. We also found that they could both talk like ducks, had the same Meyers-Briggs score, and brought virtually the same swimming trunks to Argentina!

Scary isn't it!

Tomorrow we start our work project at the AMAD school. Pray for strength safety as we work. Pray that we might be able to show Christ's love to the students and professionals at AMAD.


The Waggoners said...

yum yum!
thanks for all the photos! Eric and Joel... I can't wait to see how you dress the rest of the week...

Pam Hiatt said...

The steak and dessert looks awesome. Have a great week. We are praying for you.