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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Full Sunday

Normally Sunday is a day of rest, but for our team, it has been a very full day. It started with Sunday School at 10:00 AM. There were three sections (adults, youth, and children) and since this is the only Sunday we will be here in St. Croix, we were busy documenting each of these. The service followed in a pretty full makeshift sanctuary (the full sanctuary is not completed yet). The trick for the service was to get good shots without getting other members of the team in them! Melissa and JimBob gave short testimonies during the service that were both well received. After the service we interviewed several of the members of the church under a very hot sun.
Marie Prince cooked us a great Sunday lunch which was the first home-cooked meal for at least one of our team since January! We fellowshiped and swapped stories until I noticed that the girls on the couch were starting to fall asleep (good food+warmth). We were able to squeeze in a 20 minute nap before heading to the outside Sunday school in one of the projects nearby. About 12 kids came to sing songs, learn scripture, hear a Bible story, color, and eat snacks. Erika shared about blind Bartimaeus. They really were into her story and followed along with motions including fake-spitting into their hands to make the mud for Bart's eyes.
We had less than an hour to get supper and be back for the evening service. Ben and Kristen both shared tonight and did a wonderful job! There are more interviews scheduled for tonight. We will be more than ready for bed when the time comes tonight.
We will be hitting the road early tomorrow morning, but it will be for our day as "tourists". Tomorrow we will be spending the morning and early afternoon on Buck Island, the first underwater national park! Snorkeling will be new to some, but I am confident that all will enjoy it. Not to mention, Ben will be glad to move past the "farmer tan" jokes as the rest of his torso catches up to his arms. :-)
Sorry there are no pictures with this post. We will have lots to post tomorrow.

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