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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday-Art and Conch Pate

Today we arose blessed being able to sleep in beyond the calls of our pet rooster. (He’s a noisy fella.) After having a team devotional and preproduction meeting we headed out to meet with Geoffry George, a local artist and board member at the 3-CU church. We went to his shop in Frederiksted and walked to the seaboard a block a way.

We set up in a green area, capturing shots of him painting a scene along the harbor. We hope to use this footage to continue to tell the story of the church in St. Croix. After this shoot, we proceeded to interview Geoffry about the past of the church, as he has been apart of its growth since 1985.

While in the downtown area we captured more beautiful scenery and to our surprise a parade, which Jimbob thoroughly captured with his Steadicam. Erika began to build her photography collection with young faces of St. Croix particularly those in the parade.
After filming in Frederiksted we ate lunch at Villa Marsales, a local favorite. While there we dined on island specialties such as salmon balls, conch pâté, fried plantains, and Johnny cakes, all of which were delicious. Some even tried local habenero hot sauce. Muy caliente! After eating we went to capture footage of the oil refinery, one of the largest in this hemisphere. We then went to get some more groceries, and now we are waiting for the others to return from laundry duty in order to log footage.
Things learned on the island of St. Croix today:
1) You not only drive on the left side of the road, but also walk on the left side of the aisle in stores.
2) Give JimBob a camera and don’t expect to see him for at least an hour.
3) Erika likes to take pictures of many children. She’ll be a great mom, someday.
4) Johnny cakes=doughnuts without holes+ fish in the middle

Signing off,
Melissa and Kristen

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