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Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday- The day of a thousand fish and aloe bottles

Today we assumed the role of tourists and took a snorkeling trip out to Buck Island. The beaches and snorkeling were fantastic. Our journey began on a large sailboat with two wonderful hammocks that we all took the time to lounge in. After numerous days of hard work we all enjoyed the time to take in the sea breeze and sail on the ocean. While underwater our eyes were delighted by the sight of nurse sharks, sea turtles, sting rays, and blue and yellow tang, along with many other colorful species of fish. We also enjoyed some picture perfect beaches while on the island. If you question the fun in the sun, we all have the sunburns to prove it. For lunch we had delicious local favorites at the Deep End Bar and Grill. Not only was the food wonderful, but the view of the marina and ocean shoreline was to die for. This afternoon we went to complete our final interviews with Ned and Marie Prince, and to our pleasure shot indoors. Then we came back to the apartment and logged Sunday’s footage. Until tomorrow it seems we’ll be rubbing on aloe gel.
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