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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slower Saturday

So today we got to sleep in a little, which was nice considering the fact that we were up viewing and logging time codes for all the footage we shot yesterday until 12:45. So yeah sleeping in was in the schedule…. Roosters to my knowledge were not heard at all so I think we all have pretty much gotten use to the St. Croix “farm”. So when we did get out and going we when to the church and dropped Mel, JimBob, Ben and Kristen to set up the JIB cam and Nathan and I went to Plaza Extra to get groceries and a piece for the JIB cam. (Editor’s note: Erika’s note ends here and Ben’s starts below)

The jib was an interesting experience. First, the most challenging thing about using the jib was piecing it together.
After lots of perspired clothing and attempts at getting it up and running, we decided to sit under the shade of a tree and wait until the crew came back with our 2 dollar Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgars. After the refreshment of food and a little chill time we all settled on a jib in which we thought was capable of doing what it was meant to do.
The results were great pictures. We were able to capture angles of the church property that we didn’t know existed. After the good results of the shoot, we ended up going back to the apartment to get suited up for a late day swim.
The shore that we decided to go to swim at was GORGEOUS. For once I was able to enjoy the scenery with my naked eye instead of through the lens of a camera. The girls were assigned to do some video and photography (to avoid "the who's that creepy guy with a camera on the beach" feeling).
The guys insdead were able to dip in to cool off a few minutes before the girls. To our quick dismay, we met a lively ocean floor of sea urchins. Professor Waggoner and I managed to avoid the well hid critters, but Jimbob did not. After a quick, “AH! sea urchant!” we knew he had been pricked. Poor Jimbob, it got him right underneath the toe nail. Youch. Anywho, the stay was great and the water was rejuvenating in the steady heat of the sun.
We ended up leaving the beach and had a delicious meal of Pizza Hut and now I am definitely feeling sleepy. Goodnight all. –Ben Corwin

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