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Friday, May 16, 2008

Two blog authors = One full Friday

Hello again! Let’s see where we left off… Last night we sorta had ‘dinner and a movie’ or more like ‘dinner and dailies’. When the laundry team came back, we piled a ton of sandwich materials and snacky stuff on the counter and table and then proceeded to watch the days footage from our three different cameras. We finished up in pretty good time and then stayed up till about 11 talking. Our subjects included our favorite movies, Ben’s farmer tan and JimBob’s musings on how cow with human immune systems could be the downfall of mankind. Needless to say as amusing as our conversation was, we where running on low and all went to bed at a semi sane hour. We got up and after a long devotion conversation, we all piled into the van for the days work at around 10:30. Our destination today was Christiansted, back to the harbor we went to the other day. But on the way there, we stopped by some awesome ruins of an outpost and sugar refinery. It was partially on some private property so we ran around carefully getting some amazing shot of the ocean from the ruins.

After taking several group pictures and JimBob got a satisfactory amount lens flare shots, we piled once more into the van and headed towards Christiansted.

At the harbor, we got some more new shots there and re-took some stuff that was shaky from steady cam in about 15 mins. We meandered around the countryside for a bit looking for any promising shots, but after not finding much, we headed back to the apartment for crash time and lunch. Before we went to sleepyland, we planned to be up and ready to head out by 3:30. Well us girls were slumbering innocently, dreaming of perfect shots and how to get ride of the rooster, when suddenly, at 3:28 I might add, all hell breaks loose! They boys decided that it would be hilarious if they ran a stick over the metal shutters on our window and yelled at the top of their lugs “Wake up girls!”. It was so loud and scary and needless to say we were not to happy with the guys and immediately began plotting our revenge. A plot has not been formed yet.

Disgruntled and still in shock, we headed over to the Prince’s to meet Carina and her friend Akema from some good old Cruzan ‘liming’. We went to the local shopping area to get some ice cream, which Erika promptly dropped on the ground and involved some cookie dough ice cream which took Carina to ice cream land. We limed around for a bit until JimBob kinda got in trouble for shooting little children, so we headed over to a local playground to get film the interviews of the girls. While the guys where conducting the interviews, us girls were running around shooting kids (with permission : P) and managed to get some great stuff. At the end, before heading back, we all piled onto the merry-go-round with a bunch of kids and had a blast while Erika got some amazing shoots.

So now we are back at the apartment, and in a little bit we will be heading over to the church for the youth group treasure hunt, which should be a lot of fun. We will only be bringing one camera and a still camera, because firstly it will be darker out and harder to get stuff and secondly, we really just want to hang out and get to know some of the kids.

Hopefully we won’t have too late of a night tonight, but if we do, it shouldn’t matter as much because we are allowed to sleep in tomorrow and might possibly be able to go to the beach! So excited! Well, that’s all from me now! There will be more up tomorrow and possible some random post on ‘The Joy of Lens Flares’ by JimBob. Or an essay on how we are all at risk because of the cows with human immune systems. Or I might tell the epic tale of the suicidal lizard. Who can tell what might happen?? Especially when it comes to our team.

Hello from the beautiful, sunny St. Croix! The island is absolutely beautiful. Today we drove thru the rainforest and explored some epic ruins of an ancient plantation. There was an old sugar refining furnace. (see below)

The vista was stunning. The colors come alive when the sun shines on the entire hillside. I got some beautiful lens flares. Yesterday, I ran a steadicam rig on a parade, and the day before that, I hung out of a van shooting a breathtaking vista. I would love to be a National Geographic Videographer…traveling around the world to exotic locations filming the people, flora, fauna, architecture, and landscape scenery. That would be a combination of many of my loves: beautiful cinematography, Nature, and travel. A favorite memory today: we took an afternoon nap (actually, I read apologetics and a biography of Alexander the Great) The girls were late getting up, so Nathan jokingly suggested that we tap on their metal window shutters to wake them up. Ergo, Ben and I grab cooking utensils and run them along the grates, making quite a clatter. The girls all arose quite distressed. Mel thought that it was a gun fight, much to our amusement! = D It was cause for much celebration and laughter (amongst the guys!) Good Times. I got yelled at for shooting little kids on a play ground at the mall…that was fun…(*sarcasm) One really cool thing that happened: An elderly gentleman was strolling along by the wall where we were eating icecream. He had an unlit cigarette, and gestured, as if to ask: Do you have a light? I nodded, and dug out my lighter and tossed it to him. He smiled and lit up. Then he popped my lighter back in a really cool way, sending it about 15 feet into the air. He nodded his thanks, and wandered on. Oh, yes, we went to the playground to shoot some interviews. After they were done, we all played on the swing set, and merry go round. It has been a good day. I am looking forward to hanging out with the youth tonight.l8t!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are fun to read!! I konw that you're having a great time. You all are in our prayers even if we really only know one team member. Erika. Love the pictures and wish that we could be there with you. Keep the information coming and God's blessings to all of you.
Erika's Mom