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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday in St. Croix

Editors note: I tried to put this into paragraphs, but JimBob's stream of conscience writing couldn't be contained by standard English rules! More pictures coming tomorrow now that we have the internet working!

Today, we met with the Princes and brainstormed up a cyclone. We decided to meet with a couple of our interview-ee potentials and set up times. My glasses broke at the arm joint, so I spent the whole day keeping the glasses together, until we bought crazy glue at a shopping center. I krazy glued my fingers….ow! The island is amazingly beautiful, and the sun lends itself to lens flares…It is hard to get a bad shot, unless you are shooting out the window of the van! We effectively drove across the entire island. It only has 52, 000 people. It is about a half an hour drive from one side to the other. I am glad Nathan Waggoner is driving, and not me, because everyone drives on the wrong side of the road in American cars! Like Kentucky, people don’t use turn indicators, and if they think they can fit into a space, they just go. There are few stop lights, and no protocol for the four-way stops. You must rely on the courtesy of the other drivers. I got to play around with the Sony Z7U (for my Asbury friends, it is the Sony version of the Panasonic 200.) The socio economic status loks a lot like Buena Vista, Colorado: there is a lot of scrub brush and greenery. There are poorer homes and wealthier homes. We bought groceries last night. We will be eating well. But, who knew you are supposed to tip the guy who brings your groceries out to the car? Mr. Ned Prince is a great guy: a loving and quite accommodating host! His wife and daughter Mrs. Marie and Carina are sweet people who helped us out immensely by explaining lots about the culture and the people, full of personal anecdotes. We are about to eat dinner, and I hear that there is a make shift dessert on the way! MMMM….Lens Flares! Think what you will, they are beautiful!
~ JimBob

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