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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to school

by Nathan Waggoner

Today was a pretty laid back day in some ways.  We traveled to the Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ) where Becky Zirkle works in the library.  We wanted to get a little footage of Becky in her ministry there at CAJ.  Since the end of the year is nearly over, Becky is busy cataloguing the textbooks and we helped her move some of them around the school.  We also filmed some students in the courtyard for some more youth footage.

Nathan Crum uses the steady cam to shoot a little behind the scenes today.  We have been filming a fair amount of behind the scenes footage and hopefully will be able to edit a video of our time here as well.

After driving back to our home base, we ate an amazing dinner!  It was a typical Japanese dinner consisting of rice and shredded cabbage with breaded and deep fried chicken or pork as the main dish with  Miso soup and fruit as sides.  After dinner Nathan Crum tried making some sushi using some leftover rice and a seaweed wrap.  It was impressive!  I think I know what we will be doing for Global Café snacks when we share this fall.

Tomorrow we will be traveling by train south of the city to Yokohama.  It will be sort of a tourist day as we see a new part of Japan.  We don’t have any particular footage we are trying to get, but you can be sure we will be taking our cameras anyway.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be out last day here in Japan.  We have been blessed to see lots of amazing things and meet some really great people.  Pray with us that we will be able to share a little of what we have learned through the videos we will be producing.  The Zirkles who have hosted us will be coming back to the states this summer for their homeland ministry assignment and they will be using our videos as they share with churches and small groups throughout the USA.  There is a young family named the Motts that will also be using the videos as will Brandon Kuba as they are also raising their support to get to Japan.  If you are interested in having any of them share with your church or small group, e-mail me at and I can put you in touch with them.

Thanks for your continued prayers! 


Anonymous said...

So glad you've a good, productive time there. I'll be anxious to see both your "work" and "personal" videos. Good job, team!

Big thanks to the Zirkels for hosting Trent--and all of you. Have fun tomorrow just being tourists!! See you Friday morning at O'Hare in Chicago!

Lynn Herzog

Anonymous said...

I am also glad your team had great time in Japan!! It was fun to see your pictures and videos. Plz enjoy last supper in Japan. ( maybe sushi??!) 
Have a safe trip and please keep
praying for Japan.

Izumi Hirose