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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing tourists (with lots of camera equipment)

by Trent Herzog

We visited the college we had gone to the day before again where we saw a festival and did some filming. However, we weren’t able to film at the rally, because an official at the festival wouldn’t allow it. However, we did get some footage of some people and buildings that weren’t at the rally. We also went to a Buddhist temple where we saw two giant statues of scary looking demons that were supposed to guard Buddha from evil spirits. The statues were in small towers with screens that you could see through, and on the side of each tower there was a giant sandal made of straw that was supposed to belong to Buddha. If you manage to touch Buddha’s giant sandal, you’re also supposed to get good luck, so Crum filmed me jumping up and touching the sandal. A Japanese cameraman took some pictures of me, and I gave him the peace sign, which is the typical sign most Japanese people give you when you take a picture of them. I used the restroom but found out the restroom only had holes in the floor that you were supposed to do your business into instead of actual toilets. I bought myself a bottle of Lipton tea, because I had a headache and I thought I might be dehydrated. I also filmed some of the videos today. We logged lots of videos in the morning and at night.

Nathan and Trent logging this morning
The Asaksa Temple in the middle of Tokyo

There were several small gardens around the temple with statues.

Trent jumping to touch the huge straw sandals.  Folklore says that you will be able to walk long distances  if you can touch these sandals.  With all the walking we are doing here in Japan, we may need the help.

We were caught in a downpour as we were leaving the temple.  Thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we got out of the subway for our mile walk home.

You probably wouldn't hear Nathan if we hadn't set up the mic.  We have some 'official' interviews tomorrow, so it was good to test our camera set-up.

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