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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last day of interviews

by Nathan Crum

Today has also been a good day for interviews. We talked to three leaders in the Japanese church that also has plenty of experience in other cultures. There were still a few questions that were left unanswered before today but after we were able to hone our questions and talk to these pastors with a fresh perspective we got almost everything we needed.

After some of the interviews today Trent and I decided to take on Tokyo’s newest challenge…the MegaMac! McDonalds new quadruple patty burger which we have only seen here in Japan. We managed to consume it easily along with fries. They also gave us a free can shaped glass Coca-Cola cup for super sizing the meal. 

From the first ad we saw on the train, we knew we had to try the Mega Mac

We were also able to go celebrate Nathan Waggoner’s birthday today by eating out at a nice restaurant in the Sunshine City mall and dessert at Coldstone creamery before ending the day logging and resting.

Shot on a timer from a neighboring table at tonight's dinner.
Nathan's balancing fork trick
They sing a ice cream mixing song here in Japan as they prepare your Cold Stone treat.
Nathan chose "Chocolate Devotion" for his birthday dessert.  Instead of any coffee flavors, they had green tea flavors of ice cream.  None of us were brave enough to try it.
 Now Nathan Waggoner and I are sitting in our matching authentic Japanese outfits (with pants) and watching Leverage with Trent and Holly. Just a few days left here in Japan and a few places left to visit and film before we head home and finish up the project. So we will leave you with some fun humorous images for today.

Holly took this action shot.
For how clean everything in Tokyo is, we were surprised to see this sign in the elevator of an office building today.
Trent standing in to test the light for an interview that was about to happen.
The Zirkles had a special plate for Nathan to use today on his birthday.
 The next viral YouTube video.  Youth all over Japan will soon be doing this.

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