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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last day in Japan

by Trent Herzog

We had lunch with pastor Paul Ueki at a Chinese restaurant where I ate lots of exotic food, which included shark fin soup, sliced jellyfish, and peiking duck (duck skin tacos). I’m trying to eat a lot so I can make up for the weight I lost at Asbury and gain weight, because I want to get bigger, so I think I surprised Mr. Waggoner and Crum by eating more than them, despite being smaller than them. The pastor paid for the meal, which was very generous. 

Then the pastor gave us a tour of the city where he was born, which included walking along Tokyo Bay. We saw three buildings that were called king, queen and jack, because they were the first three big buildings in Yokohama. Mr. Waggoner took some pictures of Crum and me against backdrops like a ferris wheel.  

We went back to the Zirkles house, and Mr. Waggoner, Crum and Holly did some shopping at Don Quixote, while Mr. Zirkle and I checked out the martial arts dojo above the store, because Mr. Zirkle remembered that I wanted to see some martial arts in Japan. The dojo was small, but I saw some children practicing jiu jutsu, which is one of my favorite Japanese martial arts. During dinner at the Zirkles’ house, the Zirkles gave Mr. Waggoner, Crum and I all pens for a present. That night, we signed the Zirkles’ guest book and tried some soybean flavored Kit Kats and “dry” Pepsi that Holly had bought at the store.

I have been over whelmed by the Zirkles’ generosity during this trip. There have been so many good people on this trip like the Zirkles, Holly, pastor Paul Ueki and the Bible study at Rikkyo college. There might be only 1% Christianity in Japan right now, but with good, genuine people such as these, I definitely think there is hope for Japan. ^_^

We are posting this as we run out the door to the airport, so we won't have time for captions, but still thought you may enjoy some pictures from the day.

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