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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Promised pictures from Saturday

Thanks to Holly for taking theses pictures of us yesterday while we focused (no pun intended) on video.
We found this overlook of the famous Tokyo scramble intersection and were able to get some good shots of the crossing.
There is no audio on the shot below because we were standing in a train terminal and the audio wouldn't have matched anyway.  The visual speaks for itself.  This intersection averages 45,000 people crossing an hour.

Trent uses the glide cam to shoot the intersection.

Reviewing some footage before heading out to get more at a popular Tokyo park.

Our 'normal' steady cam camera battery died, and our other camera is significantly heavier, so Nathan Crum used his water bottle as a counter weight for a few shots.  He has the real makings of a missionary videographer with that creativity!

Ultimately we found that two empty water bottles made the rig a little more steady.

We aren't standing this close just be cause we like each other. Even with our doubts when the train doors opened, Holly said we would fit, and she was right.
The train emptied out about half of the people from the shot above, so we were able to get this short video.

Heading to church in a few minutes to get more interviews. We will get to eat lunch at a traditional Japanese low style table. When is the last time you took your shoes off when you went to church?

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