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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy Monday

by Trent Herzog

I transcribed most of three videos in the morning. Then we went to Rikkyo college and had another meeting with the Rikkyo Bible study group. We interviewed some more people in the Bible study group and filmed everybody sitting at the table where the group has their meetings. We also had a Japanese, sugary snack that we had in the park on Saturday. We talked to the people in the group just to get acquainted and read some verses in the Bible, but we only stayed for two hours and then went back home. We didn’t do much outside today. This afternoon I finished transcribing the three videos that were in English and found out from Mr. Zirkle that he transcribed the videos that were in Japanese himself, which saves me a lot of work. This evening we watched two more episodes of Leverage. This day was somewhat uneventful. We only did one thing outside today, which was visiting the Bible study group again. I can’t believe we only have three more days left before we return home. I wish we could spend two more weeks in Japan, because I love it here and the Zirkles are great. Japan is everything I thought it would be. ^_^

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