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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday in Tokyo

by Trent Herzog

I transcribed three interviews that we had in English this morning. Then we visited the Bible study group at the college again and interviewed five students in the group. Mr. Zirkle interviewed the five students in Japanese, Mr. Waggoner filmed the interviews, and I held a reflector during a couple of the interviews until my arms got tired. After that, we had lunch that Mr. Zirkle had brought with him, outside. Then we shopped at a pen store, a computer store and a bookstore where I looked at manga including the Gantz series and doujinshi. Crum and I bought a couple drinks and rice cakes at a 7/11. It was the first rice cake I’ve ever had. It was cheap, only 130 yen, around $1.50, but it was good. My drink tasted weird, though. Sodas and soft drinks in America taste a lot different from drinks in Japan, and they usually have a stronger taste. A couple of tremors have occurred today, one in the morning and another while I was working on this journal this evening. The tremors are only one something on the seismograph, so they aren’t that bad, but it’s still startling when it happens.

Thanks to Holly for these pictures of our team from earlier in the week.  We have been so busy shooting video that we haven't gotten many pictures of ourselves.

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